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Use the concept of Community-led growth to drive the next generation of crypto innovators(investors, builders, and entrepreneurs).


A welcoming community for women-identifying people who believe in are working in, and are interested in all things crypto.


All women have the opportunity to build and be a part of the future of an equitable financial ecosystem. Our vision is to build a robust community that empowers women in all walks of life with opportunities to grow and find resources to build financial independence.

Identity, Illustration: Bethany Robertson

Product/Web Design: Rose Kuan

User Research: Priyanka Sood, Sian Townsend

Stakeholder: Meagan Ryan


The goal of this project was to create a branding and web design for a female-focused web3 community, aimed at educating and onboarding women into the web3 space. The target audience for this community is women who are interested in technology and the internet, but who may not have had much experience with web3 technologies.

Design approach:

To create a welcoming and inclusive brand identity, we decided to use textured gradients, playful illustrations, and distorted shapes. These elements were chosen to convey a sense of fun and creativity, while also signaling that this is a community for those who are willing to think outside the box and try new things.

The color palette was chosen to be soft and feminine, with shades of pink, purple, and blue. These colors are meant to convey a sense of warmth and approachability, while also being modern and forward-thinking.

The typography was kept simple and easy to read, with the use of sans-serif fonts to give the brand a clean and modern look.

Web design:

The website was designed to be easy to navigate and user-friendly, with a clean and minimalistic layout. The homepage features a banner image with a tagline that conveys the purpose of the community, and a series of call-to-action buttons that allow visitors to learn more, join the community, or sign up for updates.

The site also includes a resources section, which provides information and resources for those who are new to web3 technologies. This includes articles, tutorials, and other materials that can help visitors learn about the different aspects of web3 and how to get started.


Overall, the branding and web design for this female-focused web3 community was successful in creating a welcoming and inclusive online space for women who are interested in web3 technologies. The use of textured gradients, playful illustrations, and distorted shapes helped to convey a sense of fun and creativity, while the soft, feminine color palette and easy-to-read typography made the brand approachable and modern. The user-friendly website layout and helpful resources section also made it easy for visitors to learn about and get involved in the web3 space.

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