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Identity and UI design for upscale Japanese restaurant launching in Brooklyn


For our latest project, we were tasked with creating the visual identity and user interface designs for an upcoming upscale Asian restaurant focused on ramen. The restaurant wanted a modern and sophisticated look that still paid homage to its Asian roots.

Design Concept:

We decided to take inspiration from the traditional artform of printmaking, specifically the tactile stamp-like texture that is often associated with it. This gave us the idea to incorporate a stamp-like texture into the visual identity, as well as using a color palette inspired by traditional Asian ink paintings.

We also wanted to make sure that the user interface designs were intuitive and easy to use, so we put a strong emphasis on usability testing throughout the design process.

Design Process:

Our first step was to create a mood board to gather inspiration and establish a direction for the design. We collected images of traditional Asian ink paintings, printmaking textures, and modern restaurant branding to use as a reference.

Next, we began sketching out rough concepts for the visual identity, including logos, typography, and color schemes. We wanted to create a logo that was both modern and timeless, so we experimented with different font styles and layout options.

Once we had a solid direction for the visual identity, we moved on to creating the user interface designs. We started by sketching out wireframes for the restaurant's website and reservation system, taking into account the needs and wants of the target audience.

From there, we created high-fidelity mockups of the website and reservation system, incorporating the visual identity elements we had developed earlier. We also conducted several rounds of usability testing to ensure that the designs were intuitive and easy to use.

Final Designs:

The final visual identity includes a stamp-like texture and a color palette inspired by traditional Asian ink paintings. The logo is a modern and timeless wordmark, and the typography is clean and sophisticated.

The website and reservation system have a sleek and modern design, with easy-to-use navigation and a clean layout. We also included small details like hover effects and transitions to add visual interest and delight the user.


Overall, we are proud of the visual identity and user interface designs we created for this upscale Asian restaurant. The stamp-like texture and traditional Asian ink painting-inspired color palette give the restaurant a unique and sophisticated brand, while the user interface designs are intuitive and easy to use.

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