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Our team was tasked with creating a visual identity for the newly launched blockchain infrastructure product offering aimed at the developer community, which originated with the acquired company Bison Trails. Coinbase Cloud branding needed to fit within Coinbase’s existing brand architecture while also standing out and capturing the attention of the developer audience.


Design: Bethany Robertson, Daryl Rogers, Jacqueline Lau

Iconography & Illustration: Bethany Robertson, Maryanne Nguyen, Dom Flask

Product Design: Sangita Shah, Katherine Vidal

Content: Melissa Nelson, Christina Chung, Casson Rosenblatt

Design process:

To begin, we conducted research on the target audience and identified key themes and values that would be important to developers. We also conducted a competitive analysis to understand the existing landscape of blockchain products and how our offering could differentiate itself.

Based on this research, we developed a concept for the product branding that focused on the idea of "building the future." We chose this theme because we wanted to communicate the forward-thinking and innovative nature of the product, and the way it was helping developers to create new possibilities.

To bring this concept to life, we designed a visual identity that incorporated unique style of illustration, colorways, and geometric patterns. We drew upon the parent brand's existing color palette and typography, but added our own twist with the use of bold, abstract illustrations and graphic patterns. These elements helped to convey the technical and cutting-edge nature of the product, while also fitting within the larger company's overall brand architecture.

We also created a range of marketing materials, including a product website, product documentation, and sales collateral, all of which incorporated the new visual identity. In addition, we developed a set of guidelines to ensure consistency in the use of the branding across all touchpoints.


The visual identity for the new blockchain infrastructure product was well-received by the developer community and helped to establish the product as a leading player in the market. The unique style of illustration and geometric patterns set it apart from competitors and contributed to its strong brand recognition.

The product website and marketing materials effectively communicated the product's value proposition and features, and the consistent use of the branding across all touchpoints helped to create a cohesive and professional image.

Overall, the visual identity played a crucial role in the success of the product launch and helped to establish the product as a trusted and reliable choice for developers.

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